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Welcome to YRH.  We're glad you're here.

All of our dogs are available for adoption, foster-to-adopt, or sponsorship.

Please review our  ADOPTION CONTRACT  

These are the 'Terms and Conditions' you will need to agree to in order to adopt from us

Fully vetted dogs, (including spay/neuter, rabies, DAPP, microchip) are available to adopt

Any animal who has not been fully vetted due to age or health related reason is available 'foster-to-adopt' only.

Please review our policy on adopting to applicants

aged 68+ by clicking here

If you want to FOSTER ONLY please review our FOSTER CONTRACT BEFORE submitting your foster application.  

 Currently, Meet& Greets are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at PetSmart in Spring.  One-off's are arranged by appointment only.  Please be considerate of our volunteers' time.  Do not schedule a meet/greet unless your intention is to adopt. 

Before you bring a new dog into your home, please do some research on successful introduction methods.

Here's an example of one


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Ruby.  Ruby was sent to us from the Houston SPCA.  See, the SPCA only sends to rescues dogs they deem 'unadoptable'.   Ruby came to us in deplorable condition.  Weight loss, pancreatitis, and out of control diabetes. She has a pancreatic condition in addition to diabetes: EPI. Her pancreas does not produce the enzymes necessary to digest food, so her meals are soaked in hot water and enzymes-Diane before each meal. We have worked with Ruby for over 3 years getting her diabetes 'manageable'. We chart her glucose curves, just like human diabetics do.  Our volunteer has invested hundreds of hours in learning about this disease and proper care and treatment, and we have worked closely with our veterinary partner.  Her blood glucose is tested before each meal and the results recorded in a journal. Right now, Ruby eats vet approved kibble and boiled chicken twice a day. Ruby needs a home who has experience more about Ruby
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