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Seniors for Seniors Adoption Policy

YRH works hard to make good fits for our rescues, placing them in loving homes that we have screened and feel are the right match. This includes adopting age appropriate rescues to families that are older. Yorkies, given no catastrophic health issues can live to be 15+ years old or more. Therefore, we aspire to adopt our younger rescues to younger families and our senior rescues to senior families.

We do understand that some senior families may have just lost their beloved companion due to health issues, and "don't want to go thru that again", and now are seeking a young dog to adopt, however being young does not guarantee "healthy". We have rescued several very young dogs that were not in good health, had birth defects and did not make it to their "adult" years.

Let's face it, there are no promises for tomorrow for any of us or our rescues. A person may feel healthy and well today, but what happens in 10 years? All that will likely change and the dog will also be 10 years older. We have received several requests to surrender dogs because the now senior pet parent is no longer able to take care of or keep up with the dog they committed to.

Our senior rescues need loving homes as well - please consider adopting a senior. They bring so much joy and love into the home, and helping a senior is so rewarding. It is a blessing to be able to help them. The age rescue that YRH is happy to consider adopting to applicants that are 68+ years old is 8+. This provides the best chance of placing a rescue in a truly forever home.  

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