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Have you lost your dog? 


We do NOT want your dog.  We believe in the absence of abuse or neglect, an owned dog belongs in the home where they are loved and wanted!  If we have your dog, we want them to go home!  However, understand, ALL DOGS coming into rescue are fully vetted.  There is an expense involved with this!   In the unlikely even we have your dog, and you wish to have that dog returned, you will be required to reimburse us any and ALL Expenses.  Should we determine the dog is yours, you have 24 hours from the time we notify you to pick up your dog.  Failure to do so will incur boarding charges @ $15 a day, retroactive.

After 10 days, you forfeit your right to claim the dog. 

Please click this link to send details of your missing dog.


HUMAN:  What is YOUR name:   We want to know WHO YOU ARE.  

HUMAN:  What is your address: (NO PO Boxes)

What is your phone number:

Dog's Name:

Dog's  Age :

Dog's  Gender:

Dog's  Weight:

Dog's  Date last seen:

Last known location:  (provide zip code or cross-streets)

Tail length about .

Unique personality or physical traits


Proof of lost dog posting.  Send FB link or Petharbor, petfbi or pawboost post.  If you have not filed a LOST DOG with any of these site, you MUST DO THAT.  We will not consider your application without proof you have been looking for your pet.

Is your dog spayed/neutered

Is your dog housebroken?

Wearing a collar? 


Microchipped?  Have you reported the dog missing to the chip company?

These questions must be answered and the answers must match the dog we have for us to consider the possibility it might be your dog. 


We will not respond to emails that are incomplete or considered a mismatch. 

Know and understand this...   

Yorkie Rescue Houston is not a place.  We are not a shelter.  We have no facility.  ALL of our dogs are in PRIVATE HOMES!  Do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE think it is ok to go to someone's home uninvited. 

That is trespassing and you will NOT BE WELCOME. 



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